GenomEdge is a next-generation personal genomics company. Our mission is to privately deliver the power of genomics to uplift consumer’s lifestyle spanning health, fitness, nutrition and medicine. We are currently backed by Berkeley Skydeck, one of the five top university accelerators by Forbes, and are advised by one of the most renowned genomics scientists in the world

We are a team of genomic scientists, bioinformatics experts, data scientists and software developers with a vision to integrate the power of genomics in everyday life by eradicating the threat to privacy. We have a combined experience of ~100 years in Genomics and ~50 years in Artificial Intelligence. We have a combined H-index score of ~200 and have scientific research backed by world's best public university in the world.

This enables us to allow you to know your genome, without any sample leaving your home and any data leaving your phone.

Co- Founder & CEO

Arjun has ~7yrs of management consulting experience for the US Healthcare industry and has been a market analyst at DLabs. Arjun has a Master's of Engineering from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Indian School of Business (CO’15)

Co- Founder & CTO

Zhong is a renowned genomics scientist at Joint Genome Institute, and a group-leader at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab – with ~20yrs of experience. Zhong has a PhD in Genomics and Bioinformatics technology from Duke University


Scientic Advisor

Founding Director, Yale Stem Center


Scientific Advisor

Eddy is an internationally known geneticist and medical researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California and has served as the director of the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute (DOE JGI) for 16+ years.